My name is Are Eidet.
Plants and flowers have always fascinated me. In a stressful world they show me peace and beauty. I spend a lot of time in nature. Living in Hawaii has only made this passion blossom further.
I specifically work with macro photography. When studying nature up close I’m discovering a whole new world inside every plant and flower, seeing and capturing details impossible to view with the naked eye. I love documenting the entire lifecycle of a plant, from sprout, to bud, to flower, fruit and decay. Each stage has its own beauty, with its own little ecosystem surrounding it all. After photographing a plant over the course of a few months I then digitally combine the images to show the entire lifecycle in one seamless final image. This would have been impossible without the use of current digital technology.
From my macro photography I create huge, building size, digital photo collages of these plants and flowers. I digitally combine 200-300 super high resolution (50MP) images, captured with a very specific setup and process. The full resolution end results are around 45 by 30 feet in size, but can also be printed smaller.
I am looking for an opportunity to display prints in sizes around 60x40”.
I was born and raised in Norway, lived and worked in a few different places around the world, but have called Hawaii my home for the past 6 years. I’m currently based in Honolulu. Although I have worked on my art and fine tuned my style over the past 15+ years, I still consider myself an emerging artist. I find myself being both blessed and cursed as a strict perfectionist with my work. I’ve been quietly improving my craft and finally feel like I have created something worth sharing with the world.
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